The Best Way to Get Your Resume Seen

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HR people and hiring managers have to filter through dozens, hundreds, or sometimes even thousands of resumes to pick the people to interview and potentially hire. Is there anything you can do to have your resume stand out?

In my experience (in HR, running a construction company, and helping lots of people hire and get hired), HR and hiring managers have no consistent method for going through the pile of resumes. Most will scan for what they think they need in the job. Some will use technology to do keyword filtering. Some want a cover letter customized to their job posting and a complete resume. Others want no cover letter and the briefest of resumes. Some are attracted by unusually formatted resumes that stand out. Others say resumes with any fancy formatting get a sure trip to the shredder.

And most HR people and hiring managers are so busy they don’t accept extra calls or messages from applicants.

There is one thing you can do to get your resume noticed: use your network. Since HR and hiring managers have to filter through all those resumes, they usually welcome help to speed the process. They are much more likely to call you if someone else suggests they contact you.

Do you know someone who already works at a company you are interested in? Do you know someone who knows the HR person or hiring manager there? Or do you know someone who might know someone? It’s usually a very simple, low-pain thing for them to say to HR or the hiring manager, “I know (insert your name here). They sent a resume for this job. I think they are worth a look.” And it is usually a simple, low-pain thing for you to ask.

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Today’s image courtesy of Staff Sgt. Kayla Rorick