There Is a Better Way

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There is a problem how we find employees or get a job in construction. What do you make of this?

Construction companies of all sorts say they can’t find people to work for them.┬áCompanies get flooded when they post job ads. Filtering the applications they receive is a full-time job. Hiring is expensive (industry average is $4,200 per hire) and slow (average: 56 days). Some say this is because there is a shortage of people in the industry. “All the good people are already employed,” they say. And there is a shortage. But…

Job seekers with all sorts of skills and drive tell us they can’t find work. These are people with jobs looking for better ones or promotions. They are people coming to construction from other industries. They are young people and people new to the country looking for a start. They send resume after resume, they flood the job boards with applications. It’s stressful, slow, and discouraging.

This tells me that, even in a hot market, the problem is in the way we find employees or get a job. There is just too much struggle, time, and cost. There has to be a better way.

This is, in part, why we built WRKS. Like connecting people who have cars with people who need rides, like connecting people who have a room in their house with people who need lodging, we think the better way is to connect people who have skills with companies in construction who need to put those skills to work.

As your hiring network continues to grow, it continues to become that better way for more and more people. I am grateful to all of you who have joined the network, shared our posts, and recommended us to your friends and family.



GM, co-founder