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Take charge of your hiring.


How it WRKS



For Companies

No more sorting through floods of resumes and applications. With WRKS, you only get what you are looking for. Our Smart Matching™ Engine instantly connects you with the employment candidates, trades, or suppliers who best fit your company's needs. Make better hiring decisions and get back to your projects quickly.


  Search for people who match your needs.


Match, and select the candidates to connect.

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   Connect with qualified candidates.              

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For Individuals

WRKS is the better way to get hired in the construction and real estate industries. No more searching or posting on job boards. No more dialling for dollars, firing off resumes, or scrounging for your next project. Just complete a WRKS profile with your skills and experience details and let WRKS find the work for you.


Sign up, and build your profile so WRKS can match you with companies.

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WRKS does the work, bringing employers to you.

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Engage, follow up, and get hired quickly!    

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Plans and Pricing



Join the WRKS network - where construction companies are seeking your talents.

  • Personal Profile: A magnet to companies looking for people like you
  • Matching: Approve each company's request before they contact you
  • Email Notifications for match requests
  • Desktop and Mobile: Access WRKS at your desk or on-the-go


Introductory Pricing: $39/month, $399/year

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  • Invite unlimited users to your company
  • Matching: Create searches to find the perfect candidates for your jobs
  • Individual and Team Chat: Collaborate with your team directly in the app
  • Desktop and mobile: Access WRKS at your desk or on-the-go
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